My First Post is Some of My Story About Health

I always thought I was fit and Healthy at 45 years I could still beat most 20 year old over 60 meters, but my lifestyle was not as good as it could have been I had worked shift work for 27 years up to this time.

I would work night shift finish at 7 am get home have something to eat then grab a couple of hours sleep before I would be off,and play competitive speed for 6 hours, then rush home grab 2 hours sleep, and be off to work,then grab something to eat at 3 am.

Health and fitness check ups important
Health and fitness check ups important

This was my life on Saturdays on weekends during the week it was training. Luckily I had a very understanding wife she would always cook healthy meals when I was at home, but in early 60’s after training you did not think health it was a beer and burger and chips.

After 45 I started getting sharp pains in the back of my head and neck several doctors and specialists diagnosed as arthritis finally 6 years later after continual visits to doctors they found a tumor at the base of the brain and top of spine, so a 10 hour operation removed it lucky it was not cancer 8 months off work

Balanced Healthy diet for health and fitness
Balanced Healthy diet for health and fitness

Then 2 years later shoulder reconstruction due to sport.

Then 62 years Had Prostate Cancer operation proved successful.

Then I had been having 8 out of 10 back pain for 8 years but had seen 12 specialists who had said they would not touch me, because operation was far to dangerous. During all this time I had been taking very high doses of opioids, so because I would not give up finally found a specialist who would operate. This was a 9 hour operation and 28 screws plus bone scraped from hip to form 4 new discs at the base of spine.

This has shown 60% improvement and after 12 months new discs should be formed properly.

It doesn’t finish there as I have just had cancer found in my bowel at time of this blog still waiting what I need.

I have just painted this painted this picture to show you that you think your fit and bullet proof but it can very quickly turn.

I have developed a very healthy lifestyle now with eating exercising has to wait until back improves.

The message I hope you take from this is to start a healthy lifestyle very early in life set your goals and stick to them.

It takes dedication to stay the course but it will be worth it in the end.

Maybe if I had of taken more attention what I put in my body in the early days things might have worked out a lot better for me.

I hope you follow my journey with healthy posts and tips and if you have taken time to read this I thank you and would like it if you left a comment.

Thank you

Garry Tatnell



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2 thoughts on “My First Post is Some of My Story About Health”

  1. Hi Garry,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your story and I truly admire your courage and determination mate.

    You message is so important and we most definitely should never take our health for granted.

    Many thanks again for sharing your experiences and advice Garry

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


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